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The Healthy Family Tree is a program designed to help you trace your family tree health. Many people have made the comment that they already have their DNA program.

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Welcome to Healthy Family Tree !


    While helping my daughter with a school project, we discovered how your past can help heal your future. As the project was on creating a family tree, we were wracking our brains to find an original way to show her genealogy. When we’d drawn it out, a strange pattern started to stand out to us.


    Her third great grandfather had died from a strangulated hernia, which caught my attention because of the hernia surgeries I have had. At this same time, my grandmother was sick in the hospital with stomach problems that hadn’t been diagnosed. I checked out her Father and found he had died at a young age from stomach cancer. After color coding according to research, the first The Healthy Family Tree was born.


    What would it change about the rest of your life if you knew what health issues to look for far before they became a problem? They say a smart man makes mistakes but quickly learns from it, and a brilliant man learns from others how to avoid the mistake completely. The same applies to you–be ready with your Healthy Family Tree!


Annabell Romero

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L. Davis
L. Davis

I'm really excited about finding Health Family Tree. I have a lot of health problems myself, and to learn about my family's history of health issues brings me comfort that I might not only be able to help myself, but my own children and grandchildren.

Thanks Annabell and Healthy Family Tree !!

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